Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The National Alert System Test and The Importance of Practice

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

As most people know, on November 9th, these United States tested its National Alert System (NAS). What most people don't know is the NAS test had some difficulties.

Now, some folks will make snide remarks. Let them because preppers and survivalists know that we (you and your family) have to practice our prepping plans and skill.

Without practice, we will never know if our preps will work during an emergency.

Now, you don't have to practice all of your preps at once. You can practice a portion of them at a time.

Let's take eating.

Instead of trying to eat 3 meals a day for a week from your food storage, make a different dinner meal each week. At the end of the month, you and your family have cooked 4 meals from your long-term food storage. A plus of doing it this way, you and your partner have a chance to determine, if your family liked the food, an important issue.

You and your partner, at the same time can take lunch from home using your long-term food storage. This gives y'all an opportunity to practice with spices and meals to fit your tastes and work environment.

Remember, during a disaster, we will probably still have to go to work.

Another example, we can use is transportation.

I believe most folks are either going to walk or ride a bicycle. Some folks might be lucky and will have access to a car or carpool with friends. Either way, we can practice.

First, get the family out walking and riding the bikes. A few hours each week during the warm months will get everyone accustomed to walking or riding. As a challenge, you might want to practice riding in the cold and wet weather with the kids and your partner, so you will learn what to do to keep dry and warm.

Make sure your sensible about this last part. You don't want to hurt or kill 'Family' during practice. Plus, pissing someone off/making their life miserable will turn them off to your prepping efforts.


Once you and your partner feel prepared; you and your family can practice at home by completing a weekend without any utilities. If your plans include bugging out, next vacation practice your bug-out plans.

Needless to say, the weekend without utilities is the classic test that most survivalists have heard about but most preppers don't know about, yet.

First Explain the Rules
No using outside services. No turning on the water, no turning on the heat/air conditioner, and no using the electricity. If you don't have it, you will have to do without or make do.

Start the Test
On Friday night, go to the main circuit breaker and turn the electricity off. Leave the water and gas "on" because these services usually require a technician (especially the gas) to turn back "on" once they have been turned off.

Conduct the Test
You and your family go through the day and night using your skills to live your life. Wake up, brush your teeth (with stored water), cook breakfast (outside on the gas grill), clean up (stored water again or paper plates with plastic utensils), and ... until Sunday afternoon.

Needles to say, if something goes horribly wrong immediately stop the exercise and take quick action to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Have a Meeting
Lastly, well almost lastly, on Sunday afternoon, you and your family have a meeting to discuss the good, bad, and ugly of the test. Make sure to include everyone because you and your partner can't know it all, can't see it all, and can't do it all.

Plus, most kids are pretty smart; they'll have some good ideas.

Lastly, Really
Make changes to your preps


North Dakota State University - Family Communication and Family Meetings