Friday, March 25, 2011

On-Going Projects

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

As some of you know, mainly my family, I have a lot of projects happening at the same time. I an looking for a new, better paying job, working for the federal government. (Hey, they have better pay and benefits) I am getting my family's stuff squared away (survival and non-survival related), and I am trying to write interesting articles for this blog.

As I have said in the past, I work in an industry that we will always have work. (No, I don't collect taxes or bury people) The company I work for almost never fires anybody because most people don't want to do this work, and we are expanding because of that.

And there lies the problem.

The government may get smaller in the next few years. (I doubt it, but I'm a survivalist. We plan for potential/possible problems) I don't want to get a federal job then get laid off because the politicians are cutting the big, bad federal government ; - (

Spring is officially here, so my family projects are increasing. I still haven't finished adding the cross pieces to the shelves I built in our basement (Remember, I told you I had built these types of shelves a couple of time, and I had learned from my mistakes. This is one of my lessons) Another project we, my partner and I, are starting is our vegetable garden. Next, I built a set of poles for my wife's bird feeders, and I need to get them in the ground. I will also be removing some of our fence line. The removed posts and boards will be used to replace some worn posts and broken boards. (No, I haven't forgot. The fence line needs painting, this year!) Plus, we are adding to our fruit trees; I hope. We'll probably put in a few cherry trees. Lastly, I still haven't cleaned my office.

And the list of stuff to do is added to, almost continuously.

Lastly, writing for the blog takes time. Usually in the winter, the sun sets early, so I can justify writing at night. Come Spring, the days are getting longer, so more time to do things, less time to write.

And this is the real reason for this article.

I wanted to tell you about some articles; I am planning to write. A few articles will cover patrolling and other military skills that I think are important, for the urban, suburban, and rural prepper. Another few articles will cover treating surface (stream, rivers, ponds, lakes, and ...) water for drinking.

Lastly, I'm going to look for some advertisers.