Thursday, March 10, 2011

Going Through My Bookmarks

Welcome Prepers and Survivalists,

I was cleaning up my office, got bored, and started eliminating some of my bookmarks that I've had on the computer for the last few years.

The Real Deal - The Real Deal 196: Emergency preparedness tech (podcast)

We are surrounded by technology, A cellphone with a camera, calendars, contact lists, information managers, and ... is just one of these tech we carry everyday. Plus, they can be used for survival.

CNET: Download - Compact Disk for the Third World

Here is another from CNET. The link is to (an often mentioned) collection of information for developing countries. A lot of the information is written for the beginner/untrained citizens to improve their lives.

Even though the emphases is on Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Central/South America, the techniques can be easily modified to work in these United States.

Just Peace - Better Times II


Energy Conservation News and Resources - A Compendium of Useful Information

A boat load of information. Anything else I say is a waste of time.

Remember to do this!!!

Print the pertinent information, and put it in your survival bible.