Friday, February 25, 2011

Make a Decision than Do It

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

You have read Survival Blog, and you have been reading James Dakin, over at Bison Survival Blog. (By the way let's not forget listening to Jack Sirko, at The Survival Podcast) Now, you're trying to figure out who's right, so you can implement a plan to survive the coming collapse of the World.

First, Mr. Dakin and Mr. Rawles both believe stockpiling of food and other supplies are important, and living in a remote area is the key to continued survival, but they disagree on what to do after the collapse. Mr. Rawles believes in staying in place; Mr. Dakin believes a nomadic life is the best way to survive.

Now, Mr. Spirko believes we are going to survive where we are at, at the time of the collapse. Plus, we need to take a different approach to getting prepared then both Mr. Ralwes and Mr. Dakin suggest to us.

So, who's right?

It doesn't matter!

I'll say it again. It doesn't matter because you are prepping for the emergencies you feel are important, prepping in the ways you feel are important, making decision that you feel are the important ones to make.


If you decide to spend $3,000 on night-vision goggles, but you and your family have minimal food storage. You just might die from starvation.

If you go into debt buying a remote farm in Iowa, you might die homeless because you lost your job.

If you decide to follow Kurt Saxon's, Mel Tappan's, James Rawles', FerFAL's, James Dakin's, Jack Spirko's, or a host of other writers' advice, you and your family might just die during an extraterrestrial alien invasion.


Ladies and Gentlemen, make a decision, develop a plan, and implement the plan, then review your actions to make sure your decision/plan is working for you and your family.

Because time is running out, or not ; - )

Yea, I know this article didn't help but nobody knows what's going to happen.


I do know, without a doubt, that you and your family are going to need to have shelter, drink water, eat food, protect yourselves, heal your sick and injured, and have some cash no matter what the future brings.

Lastly, to help you out, I believe that Jack Spirko at The Survival Podcast is currently the most relevant for most preppers/survivalists, so give his show a try.